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D12: Pilot projects: Documentation of implementation experiences including stakeholder feedback
Monday, 27 December 2010 14:58

The purpose of D12 is to provide an overview of the six pilot projects carried out in the course of the project. The report outlines the scope and objectives of the different pilot projects and gives an overview of the pilot projects' target groups and the different types of intervention that have been chosen. The report also describes how the pilot projects evolved over time in response to input from CHANGING BEHAVIOUR and feedback from stakeholders. Monitoring and evaluation of the pilot projects as well as stakeholder feedback are other points of discussion in this document.

Download full report:

icon D12 (2.54 MB)

D13: Report on self-evaluation
Monday, 27 December 2010 15:13

D13 provides an overview and self-evaluation of the entire CHANGING BEHAVIOUR project. Based on the outcomes of CHANGING BEHAVIOUR, recommendations for policy makers and intermediary organizations are formulated. Based on our own experiences, we also provide recommendations on how to organize action research and how to develop a toolkit or guideline.

Full report:

icon D13_Report_on_self-evaluation (1.01 MB)


D14: Toolkit for practitioners
Monday, 27 December 2010 15:15

This report constitutes part of Deliverable 14 of the CHANGING BEHAVIOUR project. It accompanies D14, the Make Energy Change Happen (MECHanisms) Toolkit, which is available online at: http://mechanisms.energychange.info/. The online toolkit is the actual deliverable, and this paper version provides some information on how MECHanisms was developed, and provides some illustrative examples of what it contains.

Full report:

icon D14_toolkit_for_practitioners (2.29 MB)

D4: Past 10 years of best and bad practices in demand management: a meta-analysis of 27 case studies
Thursday, 30 July 2009 10:49

Demand-side programmes have exhibited a range of more and less successful results, but the reasons for success or failure are not fully understood. Deliverable 4 presents a meta-analysis of 27 case studies from various EU countries. It makes an in-depth analysis of causes for success and failure, with a special focus on the role of context, timing and actors. 

icon D4_final (490.18 kB)

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