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Changing Behaviour is a project that aims to support change in energy use and energy services. We do so by applying social research on technological change to practical use. Our focus is on the interaction between energy experts and energy users: How can these different groups learn to understand each other better?

Changing Behaviour is an action research project. Researchers and practitioners work together to develop, test and refine tools for improved interaction that are sensitive to context, timing and the needs of different users and stakeholders.

Changing Behaviour is a European project that is funded by the EU 7th Framework Programme Energy theme (contract number: 213217). The project partners are from Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and the UK.
ICTs and energy consumption
Friday, 08 February 2008 09:43

It would appear that ICTs have lessened the energy intensity of industrial processes. At the same time overall energy use has increased. This would imply that energy savings alone are not sufficient to decrease energy use.


The Sectoral e-Business Watch is conducting a research project that focuses on ICT implications for industrial energy consumption. As a member of the project's advisory board, I am particularly enthusiastic about the macro level analysis that professor Reinhard Madlener and his team are carrying out. It is a highly ambitious task to analyze this issue from datasets in different databases. The macro level analysis complements case studies, which are also a part of the project.


Once the report is out, it is definitely something that the CB team should take a look into.

Map of Project Partners

map of europe with project partners

Book Review: Guy, Shove (2007)
Thursday, 31 January 2008 11:28

Guy, S. and Shove, E. (2007). The Sociology of Energy, Buildings and the Environment: Constructing Knowledge, Designing Practice. Taylor & Francis Ltd.

Until recently, energy consumption and conservation have rarely featured as subjects of sociological analysis. This book develops a sociology of energy and energy efficiency in the built environment. The authors make a critical analysis of the production and use of technical knowledge and energy expertise through three key case studies: (1) a history of the insulation industry, illustrating the erratic character of technological innovation, (2) a review of housing development, challenging conventional notions of the factors behind standards of energy efficiency and (3) an analysis of new office building. Drawing on extensive empirical research, the book develops a sociological analysis of the science and technology of sustainability and energy efficiency.

Even though it came out some years ago, this book has not lost its topicality. The book challenges some of the conventional assumptions of energy policy makers, outlines a new role for social research, and points out key theoretical resources for analyzing energy consumption from a sociological perspective.


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