CHANGING BEHAVIOUR Toolkit workshop in Duesseldorf

April 15, 2010

Challenge your project ideas and our toolkit!

The first version of the CHANGING BEHAVIOUR  Toolkit will be launched in September 2010. We invite you as an energy saving expert to be one of the first users of this toolkit!
We organise a Toolkit Clinic in Düsseldorf (Germany) on October 12, 2010 to use and fine-tune the Toolkit together with users. Participants have the opportunity to use the Toolkit for a real-life project they are working on. You can thus improve your own project via this clinic!

Our space and budget are limited, so we can invite 10-15 people and cover their travel and accommodation costs. Our first priority is for practitioners who are:

  • planning a new project in which our Toolkit can offer help
  • willing to try out our Toolkit in their planning process
  • willing to devote some time (about 4 h) in September 2010 to complete a small assignment before the workshop
  • willing to discuss their project at the workshop
  • (able to bring their own laptop to the workshop)

Registration/application for the workshop closes June 30, 2010. We will contact you by July 6 to confirm your participation.